Welcome to Lock Alarms home on the web. We are in the business of installing maintaining and monitoring alarm systems. Our full list of services include: monitoring, alarms, access control, closed circuit television (CCTV), intercoms and wiring of networks and telephone. With over 20 years in the industry.

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Hello I am Bill Lock,

I started working for the Bay Alarm Company (Stockton) in 1988 where I was trained as an installer. After which I was trained in the service department and worked as a service technician. Then I moved to the Alarm Agent program. My duties involved responding to alarms along with the authorities and performing emergency repair service. In 1990 I left the company to pursue other ventures.
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In 1993 I was hired by NightHawk Security in Stockton. In 1995 the Grupe Company (Stockton) bought NightHawk Security and formed Delta Hawkeye Security LLC. I was also an integral part of merging their two Central Stations. I grew with the company and became their Network and Telephone Engineer. I also served as the Customer Service Manager. I worked for the combined companies until 2004.

While working for Matthews Homes in their IT department as the Field Network Engineer I was licensed by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs/ BSIS. Which brings us to where I am today as the owner of Lock Alarms.
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